Tuesday, 24 January 2012

STAYING ANGRY (Spectator leader Jan 21)

Angry Anderson wants to ditch his nickname and enter politics as plain old Gary. He shouldn't. We’re already burdened with one watered-down rock star in parliament; we don't need another. Anderson needs to remain angry. Angry about the ‘clean energy legislation’ that he and many like him abhor, angry about the profligacy of this government, angry about the slippery deals done to hold onto power and angry about Labor’s disdain for the values of blue collar workers who once, like Mr Anderson himself, were rusted on supporters.

The idea of Angry Anderson, if not in fact the diminutive rocker himself, poses the single biggest threat to the Labor Party since John Howard decided to perform triple bypass surgery on his Lazarus persona. That a rebellious, dope smoking, son of migrants, hardcore lefty and hero of the underclasses like the former Rose Tattoo lead singer should find himself drawn to the National Party should have Gillard, Rudd, and Swan trembling in their boots. Because if he no longer identifies with, or can even stomach, the incumbent Labor government, it shows to what extent the once-proud party of the working classes has sold them out.

While the likes of Richo, Carr and Faulkner attempt to yell futile advice from the mosh pit - seeking in the process to avoid admitting their own guilt in destroying what Labor once stood for - those on centre-stage seem to have no idea how to get back to their roots and speak to their erstwhile fans.

So instead they will ramp up the spending, pile on the PR experts, flout the rules of government advertising and try every trick in the book to convince the true believers that they are worthy of an encore.

There are plenty of reasons for Gary to stay angry.

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