Thursday, 5 January 2012

RIP OFF (Spectator leader Dec 31)

“I am furious! We’ve been ripped off!” raged an irate Anna Bligh, clearly angered by the syphoning off of millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money by one of her own public servants. Now she knows how the rest of us feel.

The flamboyant, trilby-wearing Hohepa Morehu-Barlow may have helped himself to sports cars, waterfront homes, fancy artworks, a perfume shop and race-horses all on the public purse, but even so his lavish spending spree pales into insignificance when compared with the wasteful and excessive splurging of public funds by another couple of profligate Queenslanders.

Over the past four years messrs Rudd and Swan have squandered our hard-earned readies on a shopping list that would take even Morehu-Barlow’s perfumed breath away. Adding up the reckless expenditure on such goodies as the un-commercial NBN, a carbon tax that won’t stop climate change, school halls for schools that are now being closed, advertising campaigns for health reforms that have now been dumped, a disastrous boat people policy that will cost the taxpayer untold sums in welfare and policing as asylum seekers are sent unprocessed into the community, all the legal and other costs associated with the failed Malaysian Solution, the increased foreign aid granted for the sole purpose of currying favour with the UN, the utterly pointless millions handed out willy nilly to African dictatorships to line their pockets and, er, ‘tackle climate change’, the lost productivity caused by increased union demands and strike activity, the cancelled solar panel rebates, pink batts, set top boxes and countless other ideologically-based and ill-thought out commitments is a depressing activity that sees the Australian tax-payer dudded to the tune of over a hundred million dollars a day.

Anna Bligh intends to recover “every last cent” of Morehu-Barlow’s “rip-off.” Alas, the Australian taxpayer will have no such luck.

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