Tuesday, 13 March 2012

INSIDE THE ABATTOIR (Fin Review March 2)

Shocking images smuggled out of Australia of sadistic, cruel and inhumane practices have yet again sparked a furore in neighbouring Indonesia. Filmed in secret by undercover journalists from the Empat Pojok current affairs program, the grainy footage re-affirms that in Australia human beings are being humiliated, tortured and verbally abused before being savagely put down.

“We’d heard rumours of such barbarity, but we couldn’t believe that this is how they treat their politicians in Australia,” said the program’s producer.

Airing tonight, the documentary features never-before seen images taken on a mobile phone smuggled out of the notorious Labor Party boardroom known as “the Slaughterhouse.”

“It was sickening,” said the reporter, wiping away tears. “They dragged the poor beast in – I think his name was Kevin but I couldn’t be sure, there was so much squealing and yelling going on.”

Visibly shaken by her ordeal, the reporter looks horrified recalling the grisly scenes. “The creature was clearly on his last legs – limping, and bleeding, with big dark rings under his eyes. He looked like he’d just got off the red eye from Washington. Apparently he’d been on his feet for hours, even days, staggering aimlessly through shopping malls and TV studios pathetically looking for some kind of support. It was heart-breaking.”

Struggling to maintain her composure, the reporter goes on to describe the final, brutal moments before the kill. “He got up to make a speech, pleading for mercy, and reminding the baying mob – there were about a hundred of them - that he was the only one who could beat Abbott. But they were in a frenzy. One woman was screeching “let’s move forward,” and then out came the knives and they all just started attacking him with these dreadful barbed comments.”

Clips from the documentary leaked onto youtube clearly show the Australian Treasurer, Wayne Swan, engaged in a vicious assault on his former school chum, in scenes of gratuitous violence that have horrified the Indonesian public. “To put the boot in like that, over and over again; in most civilized countries they use a policy issue to humanely bring down a leader, but these savages go straight for the jugular.”

“It was medieval,” said another viewer, dry retching in disgust. “The whole gang laid into him. Not content with merely wounding him, they broke his spirit, too, calling him all sorts of degrading names like ‘psychopath’ and ‘prima donna’.”

“What distressed me the most was seeing that sweet, innocent Kate Ellis suddenly turn nasty, even after it was all over. She just got stuck right into his warm corpse on the 7.30 report. So what if Kevin went to some pub and called Gillard an atheist, childless, ex-Marxist? It’s not as if Australians live in some whacky, sharia-obsessed theocracy,” said Indonesian animal-activist (and animal) Abu Bakar Bashir as he was whisked back to prison.

The video claims such practices are common throughout the Canberra Meat Belt. “First they stunned him back in 2010, without any warning. Then they just left him battered and bruised. The mistake was that nobody bothered to check whether he was really dead. I should have just slit his throat on the spot,“ says one of the faceless butchers, known only as “Bill.”

With tears streaming down his cheeks, another participant in the savagery attempts to justify his actions. “I just want to kill Tories,” said Albo Al-Banese. “But they keep saying “No”, so I have to slaughter my own people instead.”

Shortly after the killing, one of the perpetrators , Ar-Bh'ib, can be seen being persuaded to fall on his own machete. Visiting the abattoir yesterday, journalists were sickened to see the practices continuing unabated. “There was a fresh Bob Carcass lying on the Senate floor, groaning and thoroughly humiliated. He never stood a chance.”

Cancelling his recently purchased ten thousand dollar boat ride from Indonesia (cabin, life jacket, food, water and document shredder included) Iraqi professional refugee Mustafa iPod was quick to express his disgust. “I thought I was going to a civilised country that respects your basic human rights and offers you liberty, dignity and a free Bravia. But the way they destroy these poor creatures sickens me. At least in Abu Graib they just treat you like a dog, they don’t put you down like one.”

Meanwhile, in unrelated news, an asylum seeker who arrived on Christmas Island by private jet has lashed out at Australian border police. “I am fleeing persecution in my own country – if I go back they will almost certainly string me up from the nearest lamppost simply because I went and butchered half my population,” said Mr. Al Assad, speaking on condition of anonymity.

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