Monday, 23 April 2012

ANOTHER GREEN WORLD (Spectator leader April 13)

It’s time that Australians took a long hard look at the man whose science fiction fantasies are tampering with our pay packets. From July 1st, Australia’s economic wellbeing and financial prospects are beholden to the delusional whims of a man who, it would appear, is clearly a few trees short of an old-growth forest. Bob Brown’s ravings at a town hall packed with fellow “Earthians”, where he laid out his plans for a Global parliament (in which an Australian representative would have about as much clout as a Green in Campbell Newman’s Queensland) at the same time as lamenting the extinction of extra-terrestrials due to climate change (yep, seriously) would be disturbing if they were from some fringe activist or obscure backbencher but are beyond alarming when they come from our de facto Deputy PM.

Make no mistake; there would be no $23 a tonne carbon tax under this government if Bob Brown hadn’t insisted on it. Yet in all the acres of analysis of climate change, endless editorials and opinion pieces selling or deriding the carbon tax, the talkback, the adverts, the rallies and the convoys, any in-depth analysis of Bob Brown’s ideology, track record and personal beliefs is virtually non-existent. It’s as if as a nation we embraced Dianetics without bothering to check out L. Ron Hubbard.

Although it is tempting simply to laugh at him, a harmless clown he is not. Apart from Gerard Henderson, Chris Uhlmann, Miranda Devine, Andrew Bolt and (in this issue) Peter Costello, our mainstream media – perhaps intimidated by Brown’s hysterical “hate-media” campaign, or simply taken in by the Green’s phony morality - refuses to scrutinize this dangerous politician and his anti-productive, anti-growth ideas. It’s time Australians took a closer look at Bob Brown before he takes us all to La La Land.

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